Map of contaminated area near Rocky Flats

In Environment, Plutonium, Public Health, Rocky Flats on October 3, 2010 at 12:17 am

In 1970 P. W. Krey and E. P. Hardy of the Atomic Energy Commission’s Health and Safety Laboratory of New York City produced the Krey-Hardy 1970 map showing the area where plutonium had been released to the environment around the Rocky Flats plant. This map shows the government’s own determination of the area contaminated with plutonium.

  1. I finally had a chance to follow up on your Nov. 16, 2010, op ed in the Camera and view the map. I haven’t seen any further comments in the Camera but wonder if people living in Arvada, Westminster, etc. are aware of the dangers in their backyard? What are cancer rates downwind? Thanks for keeping us informed.

    • Hello Teresa F.:

      Some people in the affected areas are aware of the dangers but entirely too few. When we did our news conference at the State Capitol in early August about this most of the media paid scant attention, and those that did did not pick up on the particular dangers of living or working in the known contaminated areas downwind of the Rocky Flats site, nor did they report our recommendations calling for more sampling and monitoring of people’s health when requested.
      In response to your question about cancer rates, Carl Johnson, who was head of the Jefferson County Health Department for several years, published a study in 1981 showing a correspondence between areas of contamination from Rocky Flats and cancer incidence in those same areas. By the time his study was published he had been forced out of his job by realtor interests who gained control of the Jefferson County Commissioners. Then the Dept. of Energy as well as the Colo. Dept. of Health did their best to discredit Johnson’s work.
      Our sampling project is a way of bringing this issue back before the largely ignorant public. I hope people like you will ask government officials at various levels to made sure the Dept. of Energy responds to our recommendations. Perhaps you have other ideas about what could be done.
      Thank you for your comment.

      • Perhaps New York Times? Or High Country News? Or Grist.org? I’m surprised that the Denver Post hasn’t expressed interest – (or have they?)

        I was curious if you were at the recent Amy Goodman talk in Boulder? I was at the RMPJC table signing a petition and there was a gentleman sitting behind the table. Could that have been you?

  2. Neither NY Times nor Denver Post had anyone present at the news conference (Times has a local stringer). AP did an essentially worthless story; it was run by the Post and the Boulder Camera. High Country News might do something; I know a journalist that might produce something for them. I’ll look into Grist.

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