Toward a Platform for Nuclear Guardianship at Rocky Flats

In Democracy, Environment, Nuclear Guardianship, Plutonium, Public Health, Rocky Flats, Wildlife Refuge on January 20, 2011 at 4:27 am

Nuclear Guardianship for Rocky Flats: Beginning of a Platform

This list has grown from early discussions regarding what Nuclear Guardianship at Rocky Flats might entail. While each item listed presents an avenue for possible action, the list is organized according to current priorities of urgency. As we move along, individuals and groups might want to commit to working in specific areas. Of course, other items can be added to this list.

Items of greatest current urgency:

1. Get reversal of the decision to allow public recreation at the Rocky Flats site; instead, manage the site as open space that is closed to the public
2. Stop construction of Jefferson Parkway (proposed toll highway) along the eastern predominantly downwind side of the Rocky Flats site
3. Send letters to Senator Mark Udall expressing wishes of his constituents that the Rocky Flats wildlife refuge remain closed to the public
4. Recruit and organize parents and teachers who oppose public recreation at the Rocky Flats site
5. Stop DOE’s plan to breach the dams of holding ponds on the Rocky Flats site, because of the likelihood that contaminants would be released into downstream communities
6. Support former Rocky Flats workers’ efforts to receive compensation and medical care for ailments likely due to workplace exposures to toxins

Items of intermediate urgency:
7. Recognize that the so-called wildlife refuge is no refuge at all; search for a more accurate descriptor
8. Establish on the site a permanent program of periodic sampling of respirable dust in surface soil and testing of each sample for plutonium content
9. End gravel mining on the site by securing government purchase of the mineral rights
10. Release to the public the 65 cartons of documents that were sealed in the Denver Federal Courthouse as part of the out-of-court settlement of the case brought against Rockwell after the 1989 FBI raid on the Rocky Flats plant to collect evidence of alleged environmental lawbreaking

Items for longer-term work:
11. Establish a permanent program to research health effects of plutonium exposure on wildlife
12. Develop educational materials/curriculum for junior high, high school, and college on the science and history of Rocky Flats
13. Revisit the cleanup


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