A meditation on Rocky Flats

In Environment, Nuclear Guardianship, Plutonium, Public Health, Rocky Flats, Wildlife Refuge on February 17, 2011 at 11:15 am

A meditation on Rocky Flats

What do you do when fences fall and memory fades?
When paying attention is abnormal?
When the government refers to the plutonium as no bother
and plans to turn Rocky Flats into a playground?
What do you do when words are loosed from their moorings?
When the word “safe” covers for uncertainty?
When determining risk is an economic calculation?
When we don’t know if a refuge for wildlife is really a refuge?
When those who try to protect the public health are vilified
and victims become nameless ciphers devoid of flesh and blood?
What do you do when the most vulnerable have no voice
and violation visits as dust?
What do you do?
You do what you can.
With colleagues you inculcate ecological responsibility.
You enact Nuclear Guardianship
and you invite others to join you.

— LeRoy Moore
read at Pacesetter for 2011 award ceremony, Feb. 16, 2011

— LeRoy Moore
Read on the occasion of being recognized by Boulder Camera as
Pacesetter for 2011 in Science, Helath and Medicine, for my work on
Rocky Flats, Feb. 16, 2011


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