Steven Zunes on Hillary the Hawk

In Democracy, Human rights, Nuclear Policy, Peace on March 21, 2016 at 7:10 am

Truthout has re-posted my article from the Cairo Review of Global Affairs I sent out a few weeks ago in which I provide a comprehensive overview of Hillary Clinton’s Middle East policy. I examine not only her vote to authorize the Iraq War, but her continued defense of her vote and support for the war long after even many former war supporters had apologized and were calling for a withdrawal of U.S. forces. I look at her hawkish views towards Iran, her double-standards on nuclear non-proliferation, and her support for Arab dictatorships even in the throes of popular pro-democracy uprisings. I note her support for the right-wing Israeli government and her defense of Israeli settlements, as well as her attacks on the World Court, reputable international jurists, and human rights groups which have challenged Israeli violations of international humanitarian law. And I examine her role as Secretary of State in pushing for military intervention in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere, as well as her backing of Morocco’s illegal occupation and annexation of Western Sahara. In short, I make the case that a Hillary Clinton presidency means a shift to the right from President Obama’s more moderate approach and the likelihood of increased U.S. support for repression, occupation, and war in the greater Middle East. It may be the most important article I have written in years, so please consider taking the time to read it if you haven’t already:   http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/35011-hillary-the-hawk


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