Rocky Flats Downwinders health survey

In Environment, Human rights, Justice, Nuclear Guardianship, Nuclear Policy, Plutonium, Public Health, Rocky Flats, Wildlife Refuge on May 18, 2016 at 8:49 am

Today, Tuesday , May 17, 2016, the Rocky Flats Downwinders launched their health survey for people who reside downwind of Rocky Flats and may have health problems due to exposure to plutonium and other toxins released from Rocky Flats. See the following Denver Post article:  http://www.thedenverchannel.com/lifestyle/health/residents-who-lived-near-rocky-flats-from-1952-and-1992-to-be-surveyed-about-health

  1. Our entire family was affected by Rocky Flats as we moved into Apple Meadows Subdivision on Oct 31, 1978 and still live here. My son got paranoid scyzophrenia-wife got Ovarian Cancer, I had a stroke and another son had learning disabilities. We lived at 18827 W 61st Ave Golden, Co 80403. We would like to participate in the surveyas we have a lot to share! A lot of the kids in this neighborhood had serious illinesses as they grew up Contact us at 303-278-2050

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