What to do about elections

In Democracy, Environment, Human rights, Justice, Race on May 19, 2016 at 10:04 pm

My daughter Jerri, who lives in North Carolina, posted the following analysis and suggestions on her Facebook page. I like her suggestions very much.
JERRI’S SUGGESTIONS FOR REFORMING THE POLITICAL SYSTEM: 1) overturn Citizen’s United – limit ALL campaign contributions to $2K per year for individuals and corporations alike. 2) establish a workable public finance system for elections. 3) eliminate the Electoral College. 4) eliminate delegates and super delegates – all elections are determined on actual votes cast by citizens. 5) implement automatic voter registration at birth and automatic address updates through the Postal Service. 6) establish national election laws – all elections are open to all voters regardless of party affiliation and each voter gets to cast a vote for whomever they feel is the best candidate for the office. Primaries for all parties must be held on the same day and each voter must chose one candidate to vote for. 7) make election day a national holiday and try to align local elections to this date as well. 8) consider offering a small tax incentive for voting and participating in the political process. 9) limit the length of time that campaigns may be conducted (6-8 months for example). 10) establish term limits for all politically elected offices (12 years seems like plenty to me). 11) establish strict laws against moving from elected positions into lobbying jobs. 12) require any publicly funded news outlets to offer equal coverage of all candidates. 13) offer benefits (retirement /health insurance) comparable to what the general public has available to them. Eliminate secret service protection within a year of leaving office. 14) Hopefully these suggestions will result in additional viable political parties so that we can move everything away from this polarized and dysfunctional two party system. I am sure there are other areas that I have failed to address, but I think this would be a start… People feel disenfranchised and until they honestly feel their vote and their participation matters… Well you know what we get…


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