Satyagraha Institute, August 7-19, 2016

In Democracy, Environment, Human rights, Justice, Nonviolence, Nuclear Guardianship, Nuclear Policy, Peace on July 11, 2016 at 7:15 am

Satayagraha is Gandhi’s Hindi word for nonviolence. Sat means truth and agraha means strength or power. Satyagraha, or nonviolence, is the power of truth. For Gandhi, nonviolence was a search for truth. Carl Kline, a devotee of Gandhian nonviolence, recently established the Satyagraha Institute. The next session is August 7-19, 2016, in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I will make two presentations, one on nonviolence and the nuclear weapons industry with a focus on Rocky Flats, the other on the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. The following just arrived from Carl Cline.

The 2016 Mexico Satyagraha Institute has concluded in a spirit of solidarity and commitment. The hospitality of the Cuetzalan cooperative, Tosepan Kali, was superb and the persons who gathered from all over Mexico exceptional. I’m confident folks returned to their work and witness with a new sense of inspiration and energy.

One of the marks of a successful Institute is when people who participate are convinced it should continue. Participants from Mexico 2016 have already convened a group of 20 persons in Monterrey to begin plans for Mexico Satyagraha Institute #2, to be held in April or March of 2017. Six people volunteered to begin the planning and development process.

We anticipate three people from Mexico will join us for the Black Hills Institute from August 7-­19. We are also hoping to have (depending on securing visas) international participants from Tibet, Nigeria, Liberia and Ghana. If all goes well, we will have a full group.

In order to make sure it goes well, we still need your financial support. If you gave before and might spare a bit more, please send it our way. If you haven’t given this year, now would be the time. Our requests for financial aid are close to $5,000. which is above and beyond our budget, which we have yet to make.

You can keep up with developments at the web site (some Mexico pictures are up) at satyagrahainstitute.org/mexico-gallery Or you can check out our Facebook page.

Please know that we’re grateful for your intentions and support at a time when violence is in the headlines, but also seldom in the news, as it is all too common and accepted. Help us help others turn it around.


Carl Kline, Coordinator


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