Gorbachev: “The next war will be the last”

In Human rights, Justice, Nuclear Guardianship, Nuclear Policy, Peace on July 13, 2016 at 12:15 am

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev declared in an interview
with radio station Echo Moskvy that if the crisis escalates to another
war, this war will be the last.

NATO Not to Cooperate With Moscow in Usual Format Until Minsk
Obligations Fulfilled – Obama
NATO leaders agreed on Friday to deploy military forces to the Baltic
states and eastern Poland while increasing air and sea patrols to
demonstrate readiness to defend eastern members against the alleged
‘Russian aggression.’

Mikhail Gorbachev reportedly said after the summit that the decisions
made at NATO summit in Warsaw should be regarded as a preparation for
a hot war with Russia.

On Saturday, Gorbachev told Echo Moskvy in an interview that he sticks
to what he had said earlier and that he considers NATO decisions
short-sighted and dangerous.

“Such steps lead to tension and disruption. Europe is splitting, the
world is splitting. This is a wrong path for the global community” He
said. “There are too many global and individual crises to abandon
cooperation. It is essential to revive the dialogue.”

According to the ex Soviet President, by irresponsibly deploying four
multinational battalions to Russian borders, “within shooting
distance”, the alliance draws closer another Cold War and another Arms

“There are still ways to…avoid military action.” Gorbachev stressed.
“I would say that UN should be called upon on that matter.”

He also called on Moscow not to respond to provocations but to come to
the negotiating table.

“In the current situation…all political, economic, diplomatic and
cultural forces should be engaged to pacify the world. Mind you, the
next war will be the last.”

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