Uranium mining: Health Dangers, Radioactive Tailings, and Nuclear Bombs

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In this three-part interview with a Danish woman, Canada’s foremost nuclear critic, Gordon Edwards of Montreal, explains in detail that uranium mining cannot be done without contributing to health dangers, radioactive waste and nuclear bombs. I invite you to read the full interview with one of the most knowledgeable students of nuclear matters anywhere.

Part 1

Anne: Canada is and always has been one of the biggest producers and exporters of uranium in the world. Nevertheless, three of Canada’s ten provinces have outlawed uranium mining, and health professionals have played an important role in each case. Could you please explain why these medical professionals are opposed to uranium mining?

Gordon Edwards: This is a great question. The answer hinges on the remarkable properties of uranium, and the unprecedented nature of the health dangers that it poses. In order to answer the question properly, a good deal of explanation is required.

For Edwards’ complete response see the following link.
Part 2

Anne: Danish experts Gert Asmund and Violeta Hansen from the Danish Center for Environment and Energy University of Aarhus have mentioned to me that Cluff Lake is a good example of uranium mining remediation. Do you agree?

Gordon Edwards: It is much too early to determine the long-term success or failure of remediation efforts at Cluff Lake. There has already been one spectacular failure at that site, and there may be more to come.

For Edwards’ complete response see the following link.

Part 3

Anne: Danish authorities say that they will prevent the uranium from Kvanefjeld to be used in nuclear weapons. Is this possible according to you?
Gordon Edwards: There are at least four different ways in which Greenland’s uranium can end up in nuclear weapons, as discussed below. Can the Danish Government successfully block all these avenues?

For Edwards’ complete response see the following link.


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