Trump’s election and after

In Climate change, Democracy, Environment, Human rights, Justice, Nonviolence, Peace, Public Health, Race, War on November 14, 2016 at 3:55 am

The election of Trump on November 8 is the result of many years of

  • triumph of big money,
  • fostering poverty and then marginalizing the poor of all races and colors,
  • waging war to protect predatory industries,
  • systematically destroying the ecology on which we rely for our very being,
  • claiming to be special as we dominate others,
  • spending far more on the military than on need — education, housing, medical care, the infrastructure,
  • isolation and alienation from others, fostered by the mechanics of cell phones and social media, treating others but also ourselves like automatons rather than living, breathing  people.

The racism vividly expressed in this election is an expression of the racist heritage on which this country was built. Though the negativity toward Indians, Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims was visceral, it is not new.

Those who voted for Trump not only felt betrayed, they were betrayed. They expressed their anger as much as any approval of Trump. We must befriend them as much as they believe he did.

Let’s recruit others and work together to get money out of politics, to distribute wealth to all, to change priorities to need rather than greed, to replace war and militarism with care for the world in which we all live and on which we all depend.

Let us begin locally while also doing what we can beyond, in the state, the country, the globe.


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